Seamless Communication

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Objective - Complete and effective information sharing


Voice Snap for Schools:

  • A solution highly rated by parents allowing schools to reach them on time with complete information.
  • Enables direct and effective communication of daily updates (homework, assignments, emergency announcements etc.) by the school’s senior management or teachers to parents.
  • Reliable and easy to use tool to communicate with parents using asynchronous communication.
  • Easy to use. Simple set up. No intensive training required to use the system.
  • Parents can listen to messages any number of times.

Voice Snap for Safety (Voice Snap for Auto Services):

A voice based information recording tool which makes sure that even the tiny details of the customer's query does not go unnoticed.


  • Quick, easy and effective communication.
  • Secure, reliable and available 24x7, 365 days.
  • Ensures no details are missed.
  • Requires no capital investment.
  • Information is recorded using asynchronous voice communication technology.
  • Vehicle information or complaints are made accessible to the service station in the customers own voice.
  • The recorded voice can be heard multiple times and a log history is maintained for future use.