Improving Productivity

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Voice Snap Feet on Street:

  • Aids Salesforce on the move to report everyday’s task remotely.
  • Allows increased face time for more sales calls during business hours.
  • Enables prompt reporting & compliance to tasks.
  • Real time, easy to use, comprehensive and cost effective voice based information recording system.
  • Allows salesmen to record information from anywhere and store it as voice messages.
  • The management can access the messages at any point of time and transcribe the voice into text.

Voice Snap Smart Call:

  • Intelligent business communication provided by a dynamic business logic.
  • Enables swapping between calls, click to call options.
  • Provides regular web page updates for callers.

Voice Snap for Dial Out:

  • Enables team huddles, general circulars. Important updates reach team on a push mode than having the team seek for updates.

Voice Snap for Toll Free:

  • Dedicated toll free number at reduced cost enabled by shared infrastructure / network.

Voice Snap for Con Calls:

  • Web based outbound conferencing tool to conduct conference calls.
  • Helps create minutes for each call.