Voice Snap Safe Trip

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How it works? 

The need for a Safe Trip:

Everyday transportation and logistics communication is critical to enhance the productivity of BPOs and other industries because of the need for:
  1. Real time, Instant response - When an employee needs a quick pick up.
  2. Secure communication process - To enhance the safety and security of women employees.
  3. Organized Trip Management - To provide better process visibility and control.

Voice Snap Safe Trip Solution:

Real time, flexible, confidential and cost effective for stress free day to day fleet operations management.
  1. Real time, Instant response - Through help desk optimization.
  2. Secure communication process - The driver and associate can speak to each other without sharing their respective mobile numbers. A voice log for every transaction further amplifies security.
  3. Organized Trip Management - Customized web-enabled reporting means management can access trips efficiency in real time and save costs by optimizing trips. Report features include:
  • Trip ID.
  • Driver name & mobile number.
  • Associate Name & mobile number.
  • Originator of Call (Driver or Associate).
  • Recipient of Call (Driver, Associate or Emergency Team Member).
  • Features can be added or customized according to client requirements.