Voice Snap for Automobiles

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How it works? 

Are you receiving feedback that your customers’ automobile complaints are not completely resolved?

It is common that some of the complaints registered by your customers might go unattended during the regular periodical services. This might often cause frustration on the customers end and they might result as a negative feedback on your service station.
The cause for this is due to some of the following reasons:
  1. The nuances of some complaints are lost as information deteriorates due to multiple layers of communication.
  2. Direct human interaction between the customer and the SA is limited in the current setup.

Voice Snap for Automobiles Solution:

A voice based information recording tool that ensures that even the tiny details of the customer's query does not go unnoticed.
  1. More Details: The customer directly records his/ her query/ complaints through voice. Hence the minor details get recorded.
  2. No Information Loss: The SA and garage mechanic personally listen to the customer's complaint and address each and every issue without any loss of information.
  3. Emotional Connect: The SA / mechanic is able to hear the exact tone of the customer and learn about the issues in the customer's perspective. Hence they get to know the exact need of the customer and in turn the level of service and customer satisfaction is enhanced.

Value Benefits:

  • 24X7 interaction made possible.
  • Disputes are easily addressed.
  • Easily deployed in scenarios such as doorstep pickup, direct drop, roadside assist etc.