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With over 2 decades of experience in the technology field across various industries & functions, Voice Snap aims to achieve a leadership role as an innovative provider of solutions that is known for Breaking Barriers in Communication; Creating Value for Stakeholders.
Innovation is the key to achieve this.
Delivering innovative solutions the asynchronous way.
Innovation is core to our business. We believe the future belongs to companies and teams that can create value for themselves and their customers by being innovative. Innovation at Voice Snap is 360 degrees. Innovation is what we breathe. It’s our oxygen.
Hence, in whatever we do innovation has to manifest. When we say innovation that works, it has to translate into our solutions in a manner that include the following:

Ease of Use:

While there’s so much to information technology, at Voice Snap, it is always a constant endeavor to ensure our solutions remain simple, down to earth, easy to implement and most importantly, easy to use. The age old saying holds good: GIGO - Garbage In. Garbage Out. We ensure we keep the garbage part out! In simplicity lies innovation!


We strongly believe that technology is an innovation enabler and it is more important to understand how technology should be harnessed and used for innovation to actually work and deliver value! While we have a clear focus and eye on emerging trends in technology, it is our equal focus in making the right technology choices in creating solutions that differentiates us and makes our innovations practical and valuable. In using technology wisely, lies innovation!


While creating solutions, we are aware of business scenarios that exist today. Customers want a thin investment model. A heavy investment proposal keeps the customer from taking their critical decision. Hence, we have created innovative pricing that keeps the entry investment low and operates on a per user basis. Implementing an innovative solution requires an innovating financial model too. We believe financial innovation too helps!


Given the dynamic business conditions with which our customers operate, we believe our solutions should be able to sync with customers requirements & their growth. Across all our solutions, we have scalability built into the core of our offerings. From a single user we can go to the ‘n’th user in a fraction of a time, thereby offering complete flexibility in business planning. This helps our customers to plan their strategies a lot stronger. In making solutions adapt and respond to growth lies innovation!